Automatically retrieve current and relevant vehicle data in Fleet360. Information about the car fleet is kept up to date with integrations to the Swedish Transport Agency, the driver registration system and financial systems, without manual application.

By importing via Excel files, the vehicle data can also be supplemented with driver register, company structure and other vehicle-related data.


Get alerts about vehicles that need action, such as driving bans, inspections or warnings about overtaking / underrunning km. Set up rules for your own notifications, such as termination of contract, service or tire change.

  • Automatic updating of vehicle data
  • Excel import
  • Automatic alerts


Vehicles list

See an overview of the entire car fleet. Find interesting vehicles by simple search in free text or more advanced filtering.

Edit the information, communicate with the drivers or select a number of columns and generate report in Excel format.

Vehicle card

Get a complete picture of a vehicle and related data such as drivers, finance companies and insurance companies. You can also update the information manually or request additions from the driver via email.

You also see history related to vehicles such as communication with drivers and data updates.


Collect and visualize vehicle data in easy-to-see graphs. Select the vehicles you are interested in, as well as the data points you want to analyze. Find cost savings and optimize your car fleet.

  • All information in one place
  • Easy to find
  • Easy to change



Communicate through a channel and get a traceable, searchable message history related to vehicles and / or drivers.

Send messages via SMS or email to groups or individuals in the system, such as all drivers in a particular region. Use the system's built-in templates, custom templates or write free text.

Document Management

Upload photos and documents, such as car agreements or car rules, and link them to vehicles or drivers. Ask for signing via email and see who signed what.

  • All communitacion in one place
  • Traceable 
  • Searchable